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Hand Up Economy

Everyone falls on hard times and our community is truly a community when we help each other compassionately and effectively.  The Hand Up Economy, or HUE, achieves this by gradually walking a person to financial independence.  The HUE is a voluntary program where a person gradually eases their way off financial assistance, there is no "benefit cliff" as seen in many welfare programs.  The HUE provides financial assistance through the Graduated Income Boost, or GIB, which is privately funded by New York State Social Trust, or NYSST, thus requiring no taxes for funding.

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Graduated Income Boost

The Graduated Income Boost, or GIB, allows you to gradually work your way out of poverty to a livable wage, without any "benefit cliff" seen in many welfare programs.  It is a 100% voluntary program available for any NY State citizen, and completely privately funded via the NYSST.  As you increase your income you receive less of the GIB, until you reach an annual income of $36,000.  Check out the calculator below!

GIB Eligibility

  • New York resident

  • 18-65 years old

  • Annual income less than $36,000

Employment Bounty

The HUE hosts an Employment Bounty where private companies compete to find HUE participants employment.  Every time a HUE participant is serviced by a participating placement/recruitment company, they receive a stipend, funded by the NYSST, not taxes.  EVERYONE receives incentive for quality service.



  • HUE participant will never hold job (due to disability or otherwise)

  • Placement/recruiting company receives flat fee (for informing of new opportunities should circumstances change)



  • HUE participant is either temporarily working part time or temporarily can’t work at all

  • Placement/recruiting company receives industry standard recruitment fee for part time placement



  • HUE participant can work full time

  • Placement/recruiting company receives industry standard recruitment fee for full time placement

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GIB Graduation Bounty


The GIB Graduation Bounty helps the working poor move to the middle class by allowing private companies to compete in helping individuals achieve an annual income of $36,000 or more, making them ineligible for the GIB, thus "graduating" from the GIB.  Any company that helps someone earn $36,000 or more of income will receive a stipend, privately funded via the NYSST.

"Graduation" from the GIB program does not exclude you from other HUE services.  It also does not prevent you from receiving the GIB in the future, if you qualify (see above).

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The New York Employment Support App, or NYES App, is the exclusive portal to enter the HUE program.  It will connect you to a wealth of community resources including job information, education, child care, and much more!

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