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Small Cash Flow

Small Cash Flow is a practical workshop that teaches you how to generate enough cash flow to support a family.  Cash flow is your net gain or loss of cash or cash equivalent (coupons, gift cards, vouchers, etc).  The more bills you have to pay, the more cash flow you need to pay them.

The basic strategy is to (1) reduce your expenses, (2) increase your income, and (3) increase your investments, or passive income.  We specifically advocate for the "Tax Code Cash Flow" strategy, which increases your cash flow by reducing your existing tax expenses.  Owning a home based business is one of the most efficient ways to reduce your tax expenses, because your household expenses now become taxes deductions.  Let's look at the numbers below.


Calculate Your Home Based Business Tax Deductions

When you run a home based business, your existing household expenses (rent/mortgage, cell bill, energy bill, etc) are now considered business expenses because they are resources used to run your home based business.  Let's see how much your taxes are reduced by running a home based business.


Start a Cheap Home Based Business

The average person will have a $3,600 tax refund INCREASE when they start their FIRST home based business.  In this particular scenario, having a home based business pays you $300/mo, it's just paid lump sum in your tax return.  So the key is to start a cheap home based business, one with expenses LESS than $300/mo.  Such cheap businesses will guarantee you a profit.



  • You have a business with $200/mo overhead.

  • You earn $300/mo in tax deductions, paid lump sum in your tax return.

  • You produce $100/mo of profit.  The profit will be realized lump sum when you get your $3,600 tax refund INCREASE.


Invest in the Cheap Home Based Business of Others

If someone you trust wants to start their FIRST cheap, home based business (less than $300/mo overhead) but can't afford it for any reason, you can pay their overhead for them, so they can focus on generating profit, and have a "handshake agreement" to pay you their entire $3,600 tax return INCREASE.


  1. Bill wants to start a cheap home based business ($250/mo overhead), but he can't afford it.

  2. John, Bill's friend, trusts Bill and has a "handshake agreement" where

    1. John will fund Bill's business ($250/mo)

    2. Bill will pay John his entire $3,600 tax refund INCREASE

  3. John will profit $50/mo, paid lump sum from Bill during tax season.  John is making a 20% yearly return through Bill.

    • John invests $250/mo

    • John earns $300/mo (paid lump sum tax time)

    • John profits $50/mo

    • John's return is 20% ($50 / $250)


Practical Application

Our "Tax Code Cash Flow" pilot program leverages MWR Financial.  MWR Financial was chosen because (1) it is a cheap home based business ($150/mo) and (2) it provides extensive practical education in financial literacy. 


The average person can double their investment when starting their FIRST home based business through MWR Financial ($300/mo tax return INCREASE - $150/mo expenses).  You could likewise double your investment when you sponsor someone in the aforementioned scenario via the "handshake agreement".  Lastly, you could do a combination of both.

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