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Gov Fund Rewards

"Gov Fund Rewards" is a rewards program for funding the government.  You receive rewards when you fund the government via taxes, private government fund, or both.  The reward is a 1-to-1 distribution of USA, meaning you receive 1 USA for every 1 USD paid in taxes and 1 USA for every 1 USD contributed to a private government fund.  Learn more below!


What is the "USA" reward?

USA is a digital currency designed to replace the US dollar.  It has a fixed, immutable supply of 30 trillion and is exclusively stored on the Stellar blockchain. 


As the USA replaces the US dollar (USD), because Americans increasingly pay with USA instead of USD, the average American will experience less and less inflation caused by money printing, since the USA has a fixed, immutable supply.


How do I get my rewards (USA)?

All rewards are paid though the Rival Coins Wallet, a peer to peer payment app like CashApp, Venmo, Paypal, etc.  There are two ways to get your USA rewards.


  1. When you pay taxes through the Rival Coins Wallet, you automatically receive USA rewards paid to your Rival Coins Wallet.  You can then transfer your USA to any Stellar blockchain wallet of your choice.

  2. When you contribute to a private government fund from your Rival Coins Wallet, you receive USA rewards paid to your Rival Coins Wallet.  You can then transfer your USA to any Stellar blockchain wallet of your choice.  Learn more about private government funds below!


What is a private government fund?

With Rival Coins, a private government fund is simply a dedicated Rival Coins Wallet holding donations for a particular government.


The goal is to change the government's funding source from taxes to private government funds.  This allows the government to eliminate taxes because they now have an alternative, reliable funding source.  Once residents realize how efficient the private sector can fully fund the government, a conversation can begin to explore other ways the private sector can make government services cheaper and more effective.


How does Gov Fund Rewards make money?

We clearly don't make any money paid in USD.  However, we hope to make money paid in USA.  We take an upfront payment of 30 billion USA (0.1% of the entire USA supply of 30 trillion).  The rest of the 30 trillion USA supply is distributed as rewards (see above).  In summary

  • 30B USA - Up front payment to Gov Fund Rewards

  • 30T USA (minus 30B) - Distributed 1-to-1 for USD tax payments and USD contributions to private government funds

In essence, Gov Fund Rewards allows the American people to gradually "swap" all their USD for USA, thus protecting themselves from the inflation caused by money printing.

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