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Back to Basics advocates practical, common sense for building personal wealth, which is achieved by increasing your monthly cash flow.  Learn below about cash flow and how to grow it.

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Cash flow is your net gain or loss of cash or cash equivalents (coupons, gift cards, discounts, tax deductions/credits, vouchers, etc).  You can increase your cash flow by (1) reducing your expenses, (2) increasing your income, or (3) both.  

Expense Reduction Example:

Suppose you have a $100 paycheck.  When you use a $1 coupon at a store, that has the same effect as getting a $101 paycheck without the $1 coupon, because the $1 you saved at the store will be allocated to something else, even if that's savings.  So a dollar saved is a dollar earned.  This is cash flow through expense reduction.  While a $1 coupon is not money, it has the same effect as money, it's increasing your cash flow by $1.

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Play Both Sides of the Cash Flow Game

There is a global war happening right now between the free market and the government.  The free market is your local garage sale, when people mutually choose to transact with each other, "person to person" if you will, so we are NOT talking about corporations, LLCs, and governments.  The government is attacking the free market, and thus the people, through Central Bank Digital Currencies, or CBDCs, which is completely digitized money that is under the complete control of the government for every and all transactions.

As scary as this global war sounds, at the end of the day this war is simply a game, and you can play both sides of the game and thus profit from both sides of the war.  The two sides of the game/war require two complimentary strategies:

  1. Cooperate with the Government

  2. Compete with the Government

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Cooperate with the Government

The government manipulates the free market through the IRS tax code.  Their basic strategy is to over tax everyone by default, and then lower your taxes based on desirable behavior (tax deductions/credits for marriage, green energy, retirement saving, etc).  To play the government's side of the war means you cooperate with them by doing what they want you to do.  In practical terms, this means starting a home based business so (1) your existing household expenses can be used to reduce your taxes, and (2) you receive your tax savings immediately and not wait for a tax refund. 


Thus far, Back to Basics finds MWR Financial to be the most effective program to play on the government's side of the cash flow game.  For practicality, you can use our Tax Savings Estimator for an estimate of how much tax savings you could receive in your very next paycheck, and it's simply a start to increasing your monthly cash flow through the program.

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Compete with the Government

Back to Basics competes with the government through the Regulating our Government movement, or ROG.  ROG provides an entirely free market strategy to (1) regain control of our money, (2)  permanently eliminate taxes, (3) voluntarily and profitably fund the government, and (4) provide more effective social welfare programs.  Additionally, ROG does not require any government cooperation, nor do we expect any since we are directly competing with the government.

Each component of ROG will increase your monthly cash flow.  As we replace the US dollar with USA, we will no longer experience inflation due to money printing, which means your money will NOT decrease in buying power month to month.  As we eliminate taxes, your monthly cash flow will increase due to termination of sales tax alone.  With voluntary government funding, you will either receive monthly cash rewards or a monthly dividend from a trust, such as Larry Sharpe's NYSST.  As we privately fund and operate more social welfare programs, the need for taxes and charity will go away, which we expect will result in monthly tax and charity reductions.

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