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The Gov Fund

"The Gov Fund" is a private fundraiser for any and all government.  The goal of The Gov Fund is to completely fund all levels of government voluntarily, conveniently, and profitably.


Voluntary Government Funding

Back to Basics supports practical common sense, and practical common sense tells us you should never force someone to pay for something but rather ask them to voluntarily pay.  Voluntary payment has a proven track record from trillion dollar businesses, multi-million dollar charities, and local small businesses and charities.  Back to Basics is not against funding government, just against coerced funding and thus against taxation.  Voluntary funding of government is what we fully support.


Convenient Government Funding

We believe it should be convenient to directly fund the government.  This means it should be easy to contribute funds to the government directly from an account you own and control.  Surprisingly this is not currently the case.  You do not actually pay sales tax, the merchant does, because the sales tax did not go directly from your bank account to the government's, but rather the merchant paid the tax "on your behalf".  The same is true for payroll tax.  I'll be honest, I don't even understand how property tax payments work, but somehow they get paid properly, kind of.  Bottom line, it should be convenient to directly contribute funds to the government.


Profitable Government Funding

Funding the government can be profitable.  The Gov Fund Rewards program is one way government funding can be made profitable.  What's unique about this program is that the rewards have market value only if the recipients CHOOSE to transact with the rewards.  To learn more about this principle, check out George Gammon's video explaining how markets view assets.

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